The Minneapolis Foundation, Minneapolis, MN


The Minneapolis Foundation believes we all do better when every child receives the high-quality education needed for individual success and regional prosperity.  We’re focused on closing the achievement gap and preparing our students to compete globally by:

  • Promoting early childhood learning - preparing students to succeed from day one, when it’s easiest and most cost-effective
  • Supporting effective teaching - recruiting, rewarding, and retaining highly-effective teachers so every child makes academic progress every year
  • Increasing parent and community involvement - creating close partnerships between schools, families, and the community so each partner contributes to our children’s education
  • Closing the opportunity gap - ensuring every child receives the rigorous, well-rounded education needed for school success

The Minneapolis Foundation is committed to educational equity and excellence.  Community indicators show tremendous inequity in Minneapolis as reflected in our One Minneapolis report.  Among other impact strategies (including grantmaking, coalition building, convening, advocacy, etc.), we raise awareness of what works with our RESET campaign in partnership with many of our closest partners in the community, including:


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