New Schools for Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA


New Schools for Baton Rouge (NSBR) is a private/public partnership created to dramatically increase the number of excellent schools in Baton Rouge.  Specifically, NSBR leverages public funds with private dollars to strategically invest in school operators, teachers and leaders, and a reform infrastructure that will lead to excellent schools, effective educators, and empowered families.

To realize this vision, New Schools for Baton is taking a comprehensive and strategic approach across the following seven areas:

  • Schools: investing in new, excellent schools
  • Human Capital: surging Baton Rouge with talent
  • Community: building a coalition that demands excellence
  • Policy: advocating for autonomy, accountability, and equity
  • Partnerships: forming alliances with similarly oriented organizations
  • Excellence Fund: raising $30m to seed, transform, and accelerate
  • NSBR: establishing a high-performing organization with excellence as its hallmark 

Partner Organizations:

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