Innovative Schools, Wilmington, DE

Innovative Schools is a non-profit resource center for Delaware public schools.  Our mission is to empower educators and communities to adopt modern school models proven to inspire passionate teaching and learning.   Founded in 2002 as a charter support organization, Innovative Schools is proud to have raised over $5 million to support the charter movement in purchasing or renovating school buildings.  The organization continues to support the charter movement and has recently begun to serve district schools in support of the state’s efforts to improve its public school system.

Innovative Schools serves the State of Delaware as a local intermediary and public schools as an on-the-ground partner. As the DDOE adjusts their policies and practice in an effort to address chronically underperforming schools, Innovative Schools, as a local intermediary, researches highly successful programs around the country that align with the State’s direction and initiatives.  We then work with national partners to customize and replicate these initiatives in Delaware.  As an on-the-ground partner, we then work directly with local schools and districts to help implement these best practice programs effectively within their building, customizing initiatives based on the school’s unique circumstances.

The organization has restructured its services into three divisions:

  • We deliver Innovative School Models that embody modern ways of teaching and learning and have been replicated successfully in existing public schools across the country.
  • We provide Innovative School Staffing to ensure that schools have a reliable source of leaders and teachers trained to lead and inspire modern schooling.
  • We offer Innovative School Solutions to streamline school administrative functions, allowing more dollars to be directed toward the classroom.

The work in our Innovative School Model and Innovative School Staffing divisions are directly aligned with two key Race to the Top initiatives: turning around the lowest performing schools and equitable distribution of talent.

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