Teaching Trust, Dallas, TX


The Teaching Trust is an independent non-profit focused on improving practices and policies that impact teachers and school leadership. High performing schools require experienced leaders that are strong both in instruction as well as organizational leadership.  At the same time, this investment in developing a leadership talent pipeline must be supported by having the right context in place---district policies that support attracting and retaining effective professionals.  The Teaching Trust will partner with districts, charters, universities and other organizations to improve schools by investing in their most important asset—the educators in our community.


The strategic initiatives of the Teaching Trust are three-fold:


·       Cultivate the voice and venue for education entrepreneurs to influence public education

·       Develop transformational leaders at all levels for high need schools

·       Unite organizations in meaningful partnerships (charters, districts, universities, others) that have the capacity to innovate human capital practice and policy


The Teaching Trust, through its partnerships focused on developing Human Capital, will:


·       Provide expertise, oversight and recruitment for programs that we “incubate” in house such as the ED-Entrepreneur Center at SMU


·       Recruit and support the replication of select national programs that enhance teacher and leader development in both areas of policy and practice


·       Provide important leadership opportunities to attract and retain talent in our region with partners such as Teach For America, by building or recruiting additional programs that can further support keeping highly effective educators in our urban schools 


Our Current Partners:


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